Phoebe graduated from the University of San Jose - Recoletos (Philippines) with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Her job experiences both in HR and BPO industry have prepared her to become one of the best fits for the Client Champ position as her job entry to NaXum. She worked as the bridge of communication between the clients and NaXum's team. While doing great in her seat as a Client Champ, she accepted the Promotion from Within opportunity. She is the first HR Champ of NaXum and served as the VP of HR's assistant in managing people and recruitment. As the company is at rapid growth, she took over the VP of HR & Finance seat when the previous VP has been promoted to a higher level seat. She took the leap of faith in jumping to the leadership team with her personal kaizen learnings. Phoebe is responsible for managing people, ensuring that NaXum has the right people who are aligned with the company's culture and has the right skill set.


James is a front-end developer with over 5 years of experience in the industry. He has a strong background in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and WordPress and is well-versed in responsive design techniques. James is also skilled in front-end frameworks such as React and Vue. He is a problem solver at heart and always looks for ways to improve the user experience on the websites he works on. James is a team player and enjoys collaborating with designers and back-end developers to deliver high-quality projects. He stays up to date on the latest web development trends and technologies to ensure that the websites he builds are cutting-edge and efficient. In his free time, James enjoys reading about new web development techniques and experimenting with different technologies.


Norfelyn graduated with a BS in Information Technology. Currently the VP of Core-Tech. She is a software engineer for 13 years. A passionate software engineer about developing creative solutions that make an impact. Norfelyn loves solving complex problems and learning new technologies. Turning ideas into reality one line of code at a time. Norf strives to maintain honesty and accountability in everything. Live life with integrity and let your actions speak louder than words.


Rhena completed a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. She then pursued a career in the BPO industry for 9 years prior to joining NaXum. Adhering to the NaXum core values and honoring the NaXum Kaizen culture of always seeking to become better, Rhena has continually developed her technical skills alongside providing a 10x excellent customer service experience. She has advanced her career into leadership and now serves NaXum as a Technical Production Manager doing what she loves.


Pam studied Bachelor of Science in Information Technology but she never pursued an IT role for a job. Instead, she worked as a Technical Support Representative in a BPO company. She then went on to become a Campaign Manager for a Self-Publishing company, overseeing the marketing of her assigned authors' books through social media and offline book fair events. Her experiences working in the BPO and Self-Publishing industries helped her land the Client Champion seat at NaXum. She served the seat for a year before she took on the role as one of the Technical Production Managers. Jumping to the TPM seat is the biggest step Pam took to go beyond her comfort zone since she has never taken a leadership role before. Doing so helped her discover herself and develop new skills. As someone who is accountable to ensure that the team's output is aligned with the client's requirements, Pam continues to challenge herself and is focused on improving her knowledge every day to serve her seat, her team, and her clients the best. Outside of work, Pam is married and a mother of two. She loves spending time with her family on a weekend and enjoys listening to music while doing her daily chores. She's a big fan of the Korean boy group, BTS, since their music inspires her to do whatever it takes to reach her goals and live her dream life.


Ren graduated with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. She was introduced to the magical world of NaXum last 2017 by a college friend. She's been working at NaXum for 5 years and counting. She started as a Client Champ and got promoted to the leadership seat. Ren is an overcomer who thrives and does whatever it takes to win. Adhering to NaXum's Core Values and North Star, Ren is currently accountable for the high-output management of the Client Support Team. She leads the entire CS Team (CC & CWM) and trains them to be fully equipped to deliver WOW to our clients. She is passionate and takes pride in inspiring, developing, and leading the right people who are competently skilled to deliver WOW and crystal clear and candid communication to our team and our clients.


Jenilyn is a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate from Ateneo de Davao University. She has over 10 years of experience in software development. She is now the President of Technology at NaXum. Leading a team of software engineers and designers in developing customized marketing and e-commerce platforms for referral marketing companies. She is responsible for making high-level architectural decisions and developing strategies to elevate the company's technology and products. Jen is passionate about building tech solutions and innovations that aim to deliver the best user experience. She is a technology enthusiast who loves problem-solving and creating innovative solutions. She wants to use her gifts and knowledge in creating technologies that can make a difference in other people's lives.


Rey is a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate from the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines. He started working as a Management Information System (MIS) staff at a bank and eventually jumped into the programming world. He has 8 years of solid experience focused on PHP and Typescript programming languages. He has worked in different companies harnessing his skill sets by learning several techniques and applying them in programming applications. Rey's never-ending chase for knowledge led him to Naxum where he is able to share his gifts and skills. Now he serves as the Vice President of Commissions and is happy to be with the management team because it gives him the power to express and share his ideas on how to improve Naxum's technology. Rey is loving as he aims to become the best version of himself.


Cris is a Graphic Designer and earned her bachelor's degree in Information Technology. She kicks off her career at an early age in the field of business but surprisingly ended up in the creative world. Cris specializes in creating website design and social media promotional materials used by competent companies. She has been in the design industry for 6 years now providing and offering quality ARTwork. Cris is a go-getter who is never afraid to JUMP into something unfamiliar. With her I-can-do-it attitude, she is now the Design Technical Production Manager of NaXum. And she's on a mission to uphold NaXum's NOS and NorthStarts at all costs. Ensuring that only high-quality and up-to-date designs can pass the quality assurance and we're being launched to the world.