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There is an OLD person down inside of you that’s depending on you to be smart.” -TD Jakes

In the morning, Devour something. Throw your whole self at something. You will never know what you can do and what you can be until you throw your whole self at it.  Devour it.  I mean, devour it. Dont try it. Devour it. Attack it. Attack it like you are going to kill it. Devour the prey. And in the evening you divide the spoils.’ Take a breath and a break, pause for less than 5-minutes to renew your mind and learn about The GRIND. Then after you learn from Sir Jakes, keep reading to learn more about The BlessUP GRIND.

If you are RIGHT-PEOPLE, I want BlessUP INC to be a HOME for your business soul, your Company for Life!

Did you catch the powerful ‘core value’ words Sir Jakes speaks and especially towards the end? Words that are deeply related to multiple BlessUP Core Values, and my personal commitment to ONE of our Core Values. A Core Value many team members have already experienced. Please do not boost, instead, comment back to me the KEY words and which Core Values you resonate with… what such words from Sir Jakes mean to your BlessUP business-soul life.

Promote from Within

Our core value of “promotion from within” represents our belief in our people. We believe that everyone has the potential for greatness and as we grow Naxum, we seek to grow our own internal staff by giving them the opportunity for new roles as the company expands. There is a commitment to doing more with less as our teammates use technology to leverage their own time and talent to contribute even more value to our clients, team members, and vendors.

Rome was not built in a day. Important ARTwork with a crazy BHAG vision, just like we have at BlessUP, requires extensive time and the development of meaningful relationships. Playing the LONG GAME is critical as it takes 10x grinding and “butt kicked” history to create magic together. Because of Promote from Within, BlessUP offers YOU a long-term circle of safety for every kind of opportunity you could ever WANT or DREAM for. As part of our culture, we are 10x committed to our RIGHT-PEOPLE’s mind renewal and business-soul growth. The commitment is reserved for those of you right-people who are willing to enter the BlessUP ARENA and bleed, sweat, cry… GRIND it OUT!

We always lean on team referrals first, saving the $250USD referral cost as a bonus for our team. We promote from within and never fill a SEAT directly from outside our company. Yes, we hire from outside for our probationary openings. But we will never hire outside and fill a SENIOR SEAT directly… which in my business-soul book is just plain NOT FAIR. (This happened to my father and I remember as a young business-soul thinking, that was UNFAIR!) Furthermore, we will never hire directly to fill a Manager or Executive Servant Leadership seat from the ‘outside’. Everyone must start from the same place and GRIND. Devour and Attack BlessUP to prove themselves.

Please know team, if (and this is a BIG IF!) you are BlessUP Right-People who grinds it out with GWC. Who follows our North Stars. Who honors NOS! Who is a protector of The BlessUP 10x Culture. Who connects deeply with our WHY with a burning desire to be our Gemba partners’. Who is all-in and IN-LOVE with us… We got your back! 🦋💙

Do you have aspirations to be a 10x Socia Media Marketer? You can join our Marketing Scrum Team. You want to speak a new ‘language’, you can be an Engineer. You want to control the user experience and create don’t-make-me-think ARTwork, you can be Ux designer. You want to create beautiful Ui ARTwork, you can join our Design Team. You want to take risk, hustle directly for the MONEY, you can join our Sales Scrum Team. You want to dive into information systems and be a system admin, you can join our IS Scrum Team. You love people and want to be in Human Resources, you can join our HR Scrum Team. You love the ‘money’ side of the business, you can join our Finance Team. You love to inspire others and want to manage, you can KAIZEN and GROW and join our Management Scrum Team Mentor program. You want to LEAD and be an Executive Servant Leader, YOU CAN! 

This part of our company culture is very important to me and we will do whatever it takes to make a place for you (as long as you are right-people) at BlessUP that matches your economic value. We will help you find the best SEAT that matches your divine business-soul gifts, passion, and defines your deepest dreams. We WILL find the best plan for your career path!

And get this 10xers, and again, a BIG FAT BOLD IF… if you are right people who truly connect and grinds out our BlessUP 10x Kaizen Culture, if we do not have an open seat for you that matches your business-soul passion, we will MAKE ONE or CREATE ONE!

If you are RIGHT-PEOPLE and want to be here, I want BlessUP INC to be your Circle of Safety Company for LIFE!


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